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interior architect


There are still those who do not have full knowledge of the interior architecture profession as well as those who have misinformation. In order to eliminate this misinformation pollution, we describe interior architecture in a few questions:

What is Expert Mommy’s World?

What is interior architecture?

The interior architecture profession is a professional field that deals with the interior design of the building from A to Z.

What is not interior architecture?

Interior architecture is not decoration.

What do interior designers do?

Interior architects work as spatial doctors. By analyzing the space according to the wishes and needs of the customer, it designs the place from top to bottom, in the most ergonomic, most useful and healthy way, and presents it to the customer. In case of approval (optional), the design is applied and delivered to the customer.

What don’t interior designers do?

Interior architects do not work as decoration. Interior architects know that the decoration work belongs to “mothers” and they respect the masters of this profession. They don’t say, “Let’s take this item and move it over there, do we put the seats here?”


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