plus maizumi architect studio completes a shoe store with hanging walls in yokohama, japan


tokyo-based studio plus maizumi architect’s project for a shoe store in yokohama, japan named ‘hudsons’ is a dark raw concrete space with black hanging wood fiberboard sheets serving as space dividers. the products are displayed on white podiums and are subtly highlighted. 

lounge for the guest



plus maizumi architect’s team divided the shop into two rooms — a lounge room with display podiums and a backyard. architects aimed at treating the guest’s space and the displace equally, so the visitors will be able to fully enjoy the process and the design.

white podiums for shoes



the pre-existing walls made of concrete slabs are kept and complete the mysterious atmosphere. when the guest opens the old entrance door, the combination of the pre-existing elements and the new ones makes the experience a journey through the building’s history.

white podiums for guests



designboom has received this project from our ‘DIY submissions‘ feature, where we welcome our readers to submit their own work for publication. see more project submissions from our readers here.


edited by: maria erman | designboom


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