paz arquitectura’s exposed concrete house in guatemala contrasts with surrounding woods


located in a new neighborhood close to guatemala city, paz arquitectura’s ‘LP1 house’ project occupies the high part of a sloped lot with a steep topography around cypress and pine woods. since the main entrance is located in the highest point of the slope and the bedrooms are set in this area, the building is enhanced with a solid volumetry to suggest privacy. the upper volume is an exposed concrete rectangle showing its texture on the exterior as well as the interior. all the exterior panels are built with pine wood, implementing a dynamic design to evoke the irregularity of the forest around it.

all images by andres asturias



the lower level is occupied by the social area surrounded almost entirely by glass. guatemalan based firm paz arquitectura‘s intention is to generate a direct connection with nature, taking into consideration the children and the importance of having contact with the exterior and enough space for a playground. exposed concrete has been used for the interior finish, trying to generate a contrast with the wooden floors and carpentry elements. the owner of ‘LP1 house’ is a painter, therefore the aim is that the soft strokes of art that dress the project are framed with a rustic and strong background such as concrete.

frontal view of ‘LP1 house’

the upper volume is an exposed concrete rectangle

concrete steps towards the main entrance

view of open social space from the entrance hall

exposed concrete has been used for the interior finish

view of living and dining room

stairway towards the lower volume of the house

rear view of the ‘LP1 house’

detail of concrete volume

detail of wooden panels

detail of cantilevered volume



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