Exciting New Air Travel Proposal to Make Us All Buy Smaller Carry-On Bags!


Airlines excel at making the travel experience unpleasant, but lately they’ve slowed down on innovating with ways to make it even worse. Thankfully, the International Air Transportation Authority is stepping in to help.

The central problem is that airlines have stuffed more seats onto planes, meaning there’s not enough room in overhead bins for everyone’s bags, so an estimated 20% of passengers are forced to check their carry-ons. But this only inconveniences 1 out of 5 passengers; isn’t there some way to increase this percentage, and hassle everyone flying coach?

Turns out there is! The IATA’s new initiative suggests shrinking the maximum size of carry-on luggage. Currently, many airlines have set the max at 22 x 14 x 9; the new guidelines are recommending 21.5 x 13.5 x 7.5. That’s a reduction of 21% by volume.

Even better, “IATA is working with baggage tracking solutions provider Okoban to manage the approval process of bag manufacturers” to design newly-sized bags that we would all have to buy. These bags would all be stamped with a classy “IATA Cabin OK” logo that they’ve already developed. Under the proposal, if your bag doesn’t have the logo, you ain’t bringing it on board.

This is the actual resolution of the photo of the new logo in the press release

Best of all, it makes our current carry-on bags worthless, and we get to put them in landfill, in addition to stimulating the economy of luggage makers by buying new ones!

I know it all sounds like a dream, but the IATA press release seems optimistic the guidelines will be implemented:

A number of major international airlines have signaled their interest to join the initiative and will soon be introducing the guidelines into their operations….

Several major baggage manufacturers have developed products in line with the optimum size guidelines, and it is expected bags carrying the identifying label will start to reach retail shops later this year.


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